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Some straight facts about traditional motorcycle covers.
  • Taking a bike on a trip often includes using a trailer, truck or lift.

  • Travelling with your bike unprotected on a trailer or lift can cause serious damage from road debris, rocks, and weather elements, (such as wind, rain, snow, and hail.)

  • Storage covers are fully open at the bottom and for storing a bike, not for transporting a bike at speed on an open truck or trailer. Travel speeds turn storage covers into parachutes.

  • Attempting to secure a storage cover/tarp on a bike for the purpose of high speed travel includes ropes, rolls of tape, time and energy. Resulting in canvas damaging paint finishes and chrome work.

Some facts about the GatorHide™ Motorcycle Travel Covers.
  • On and off in minutes without removal of tie downs. If need be, load bike with cover on.

  • Double cover system provides an inner layer of soft, durable fleece to protect paint and chrome. Machine washable. GatorHide's tough outer cover of ballistic nylon and neoprene deflect rocks, road grime, and protects fleece.

  • The outer cover completely envelopes the bottom of the bike. There are no exposed areas on the body or engine area.

  • Adjustable fit will allow for options such as saddle bags, sissy bars, and forward mounted foot controls/floor boards.

  • The idea is to create an envelope that will not allow wind/rain in (like canvas), but protect from damage caused by canvas. It works!

  • The cost to repair and repaint one front fender from such travel damage is typically more than the cost of a GatorHide™ cover.

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